Submit your questions for a TechCrunch+ Twitter Space with immigration law attorney Sophie Alcorn

Join the chat on Tuesday, April 26 at 2 p.m. PDT/5 p.m. EDT

On Tuesday, April 26, at 2:30 p.m. PDT/5:30 p.m. EDT, I’m hosting a Twitter Space with Sophie Alcorn, an immigration law attorney based in Silicon Valley and author of Dear Sophie, a column that appears on TechCrunch+ each Wednesday.

We’ll discuss a number of relevant issues for technology workers and founders who are considering setting up shop in the U.S., including H-1B visas, pathways for international student founders, what to do if you weren’t selected in the green card lottery and information for members of the Ukrainian IT community who’ve been impacted by the ongoing Russian invasion of their country.

Thank you @TechCrunch for hosting. I'm open to covering all sorts of topics from "Dear Sophie" such as options for international student founders, what happens if you weren't selected in the H-1B lottery and how to leverage alternative Visa options to live and work legally in USA

— Sophie Alcorn (@Sophie_Alcorn) April 20, 2022

This Space is open to everyone, so please click through to set a reminder for the chat and submit your immigration-related questions so we can raise them during the Q&A.

TechCrunch+ members receive access to weekly “Dear Sophie” columns; use promo code ALCORN to purchase a one- or two-year subscription for 50% off.

The information provided in “Dear Sophie” is general information and not legal advice. For more information on the limitations of “Dear Sophie,” please view our full disclaimer. “Dear Sophie” is a federally registered trademark. You can contact Sophie directly at Alcorn Immigration Law.

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