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In today’s times, any business that wants to impress its customers needs to consider our Reputation Marketing services. We not only mend online reputation, however we also maintain excellent reputation.

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Brand Monitoring

83% of customers say online reviews influence their insight about companies. But, on the other hand 80% report that negative online comments completely changed their buying decision.

Customer Reviews

Before taking a final decision on buying a particular product, 90% of the people these days read customer reviews and about 85% of the customers are satisfied after reading the online reviews. Thus, it’s important to note what kind of reviews customers post for your brand.

Forum Posts

Internet forum being an online discussion site where people can initiate conversations in the form of posted messages. You need to keep a track over forums because good or bad news can spread like a wild fire on the Internet.

Social Media
The social media revolution connect more and more people in a very less time so it’s important for business to monitor the posts which customers have been posting online.

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