Daily Crunch: Leaker releases huge cache of Twitch data, promises more to come

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Hello and welcome to Daily Crunch for October 6, 2021. We have an absolutely packed newsletter for you today. So no jokes up top from us, just a note that we’ve put out the agenda for TechCrunch Sessions: SaaS, and it’s looking mighty fine. – Alex

The TechCrunch Top 3

  • Google boosts African investment:U.S. technology giant Google is investing $1 billion into the African continent to help hasten its digital transformation, including $50 million into local startups. African startup investment has been scaling in recent quarters, making Google’s news unsurprising, if welcome when we consider the uneven reality of global venture funding.
  • Opportunities abound in Latin America’s burgeoning startup market: TechCrunch dug into where investors see gaps in the funding market for startups in Latin America today, discovering that while more upstart tech companies in the region are raising funds, there are still ample blind spots where intrepid investors can find deals.
  • Twitch hacked: Amazon’s Twitch video streaming service was hacked, it confirmed today. Payout details, source code — the hack was more than a simple release of user data. It’s a pretty terrible moment for Twitch, its parent company and its vast user base. Change your passwords everyone, and then get a password manager.


There is a veritable flood of startup stories on the blog today, so we’re ditching our usual format and proceeding in a few discrete blocks of news. Enjoy!

Getting the details right in your pitch deck

For the Pitch Deck Teardown at TechCrunch Disrupt, Managing Editor Danny Crichton reviewed two decks, “one consumer and one enterprise,” with three VCs:

  • Maren Bannon, co-founder and managing partner, January Ventures
  • Vanessa Larco, partner, NEA
  • Ben Ling, founder and general partner, Bling Capital

Only the most exceptional pitch decks will receive more than a few minutes of attention, so Danny selected four slides “that provoked our panelists to show how VCs can have radically different views on the same material.”

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Big Tech Inc.

Today in our big technology section we’re starting with an automotive competition and then digging into a raft of policy-focused stories that are shaping the global technology market.

  • GM intends to double revenue, take Tesla market share:By 2030, U.S. automotive company General Motors wants to double its revenues and “and take over the market share of EVs,” TechCrunch reports. Naturally, Tesla will have something to say about the latter goal, but it’s nice to see the North American EV market get more competitive.
  • To do that, the company plans electric trucks, crossovers: Popular ICE vehicles from GM will make an electric transition, with the company planning electric trucks and crossovers, it said during an event that detailed its future EV plans.

And now, PolicyCrunch:

  • The U.K. rolls out new regulations for protecting youths on video apps: U.K. regulator Ofcom has new rules out “intended to protect users under 18 from harmful content such as hate speech and videos/ads likely to incite violence against protected groups.” The new guidelines will impact services like TikTok, Twitch and Snapchat.
  • U.S.-based companies may have to disclose ransomware payments in future:It’s always risky to cover newly proposed laws, but they provide direction regarding future regulation. In this case, a newly proposed law would “compel businesses in the U.S. to disclose any ransomware payments within 48 hours of the transaction.” Which makes sense? Frankly? Now we just need something similar for data breaches.
  • European Parliament backs ban on biometric mass surveillance:Worried that facial recognition is going to take over the world and that you will never be able to travel without being under scrutiny? Well, good news if you live in Europe, where there is a new call for lawmakers to “pass a permanent ban on the automated recognition of individuals in public spaces,” except in the case of those suspected of crimes.

TechCrunch Experts: Software Consulting and Growth Marketing

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Testimonial: “They had a good reputation globally and had produced some good products. We also liked their flexible model — we were able to use our CTO to lead a team of six devs from the Appetiser team, with occasional UX/UI, product management and project management as needed; it was properly collaborative, not a blackbox agency arrangement. So we were able to build capability in-house at the same time, rather than dependency. [Working with them] allowed us to get a first iteration of product to market from scratch in three months. We were able to build iOS and Android versions simultaneously.”

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